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“Give Me Just 11 Minutes Per Day
 And I’ll Show You How To Get
Your Most Important Projects And Goals DONE... Even If You Feel Overwhelmed And Paralyzed By Everything That You Need To Do!”

You’ll discover the simple, practical, step-by-step coaching system that some of my clients used to lose
27 pounds, eliminate over $17K in credit card debt,
and even double their income in less than a year!

Dear Friend,

   Is there an important project or goal that you desperately WANT to achieve because you just know it would make a BIG difference in your life or business but you just can’t seem to get yourself to even start it, let alone accomplish it?

   Things like...

  • Losing those 15 extra pounds you've added over the years
  • Creating a budget and finally taking control of your finances
  • Updating your website and writing your ebook
  • Finding a way to attract that special someone into your life
  • Getting in shape and finally fit into those “skinny jeans” again
  • Cutting your credit card debt... and build the financial habits to completely eliminate it
  • Spending more quality time with your family and friends
  • Growing your business and significantly increasing your income

   We ALL have important dreams and goals that we know could make a real difference, but most people never do anything about them...

   They get distracted or overwhelmed with all the “stuff” in their life, or they lose motivation and start procrastinating, or they find some other excuse and forget about what really matters most to them.

   The truth is that unless you find a way to inspire and motivate yourself... something that makes you get off the couch and accomplish your goal, you’re probably going to keep doing the same old things you’ve been doing, and getting the same old results you’ve been getting.

   In fact, a year from now things might actually get WORSE!

   It’s not fun to think about, but if you don’t do anything, you just might put on a few EXTRA pounds, or dig yourself into an even bigger financial hole or get even more out of shape.

   The good news is... it doesn’t have to be this way!

   My name is Rob Scott, and as a coach, one of the most powerful things I do is help my clients set clear goals and then give them the support, encouragement and accountability they need to accomplish them. Even when they are busy and overwhelmed... even when they don’t know where or how to start... even when they don’t feel very motivated and want to procrastinate.

   Over the years, I’ve helped all sorts of people achieve their goals, from high-end executives to busy professionals, from entrepreneurs to working moms. In fact, you’ll hear from some of them below.

   Listen, I’ve had more than my share of challenges and setbacks, but I’ve also accomplished some SERIOUS goals. Many years ago I felt lost in life and was completely overwhelmed. Making little money, I was grossly out of shape. Once I got it “together” I ended up losing 70 POUNDS in under a year. I went from being completely OUT OF BREATH AND SWEATY just from climbing a flight of stairs to running marathon distances. I also went from being totally broke, to become the youngest Vice President at my former company in just a few years. And now I've started a top coaching practice and information marketing company. So I KNOW what it takes to get there.

   After working with many clients, I realized that often ALL you need to accomplish goals like losing those stubborn last 11 pounds, getting that promotion you’ve had your eye on, or finally becoming debt free is a coach to support, encourage and challenge you to take a stand, bring out your best and find out what you’re really capable of doing.

   That’s why so many top executives, sports stars and other high-achievers use coaching to help them execute and perform at their best. Because coaching works!

   But there’s a big problem with one-on-one coaching... it’s just TOO EXPENSIVE for many people.

   So that’s why I decided to partner with my good friend Rodger Constandse and create something that’s just as effective and powerful as one-on-one coaching, but much more affordable...

The 28-Day Goal Challenge!

“This Is The Holy Grail of Goal Achievement”

“I’ve signed up for the 28 day challenge... It’s a super program, and I want to make the 28 day goal challenge process eventually automatic. It’s the ONLY process one needs to achieve goals, I think. This is the Holy Grail of goal-achievement.

It takes into account possible problems and averts them every step of the way, which makes goal achievement realistic. I believe in myself so much more already!”

Jean Soohoo

   The 28-Day Goal Challenge is a 4-week coaching program where we take YOUR most important projects and goals and help you “chunk them down” into doable one month goals so you can focus and accomplish them over 28 days.

   Why 28 days?

   Because a month is short enough to help you execute and take effective action without getting overwhelmed, but long enough allow you to plan in a meaningful way.

   In fact, top project managers in Fortune 500 companies working on big, multi-million dollar IT projects have discovered that it’s often better NOT to plan huge projects from start to finish before you begin.

   They’ve discovered that it’s often better to “chunk down” their big project into more doable mini-projects that are each about a month long... and then get them done one chunk at a time.

   And when they do that, they not only increase the chances of actually completing their big project, but they often do it faster and cheaper too.

   So that’s exactly what we are going to do during this 28-day challenge.

   Are you up for the challenge? Then click here to get started!

You CAN Do This!

   Like I said before, often ALL you need to accomplish your goals is a coach to inspire you, encourage you and support you on your journey. And you know what the best part is?

   You don’t have to do it alone.

   Not only will I be there supporting and encouraging you at every step of the way, but you’ll also be working side-by-side with a group of energetic, creative, like-minded people who can also support, encourage and even give you loving “nudges” when you really need them.

   As you can imagine, fully participating in a group coaching program like this ensures that you’ll take action and finally get in better shape, or launch your new product, or create your budget and stick to it ... much more than trying to do it all on your own!

   Let’s get something straight. This is not some boring old goal setting book, DVD or course where you just get a bunch of dry theory that’s not really applicable in the real world...

   This is a simple, practical implementation-oriented coaching program where I’ll walk you step-by-step through the process of setting, launching and achieving YOUR most important goals.

   You’ll learn by DOING. By actually working on YOUR goal, whether it’s getting your home organized, switching to a healthier diet, launching your debt elimination plan, or finally getting in shape.

   By the end of the 28-day challenge, you’ll not only accomplish your focus goal, but you’ll have a practical step-by-step SYSTEM that you can use again and again... month after month.

   Believe me, participating in a structured group program like this is very powerful... and it gets results!

   But don’t take my word for it...

Listen To What Actual 28 Day Goal Challenge Participants Have To Say...

“The 28 Day Goal Challenge Motivated
Me To Get To The Gym And Work Out
For The First Time In 2 Years!”

“The 28 Day Challenge is a great idea and tool. Just deciding on a goal to start exercising again and to eat better motivated me to get to the gym and work out for the first time in 2 years.

I realize this is just the beginning but I was thrilled to be working out again. Thank you for creating this challenge and for the continuing tools you post to help us!

I used to teach a group exercise program in the past and because of this 28 day challenge I just signed up and got rehired to lead exercise classes again... So not only did I start working out, but now I’m going back to teaching.

I mean this very sincerely Rob, if I didn’t take your challenge, today I would be exactly where I was 30 days ago. Instead, now I’m exercising, I feel better, my stress level has gone down... and on top of that I’m now going to be teaching an exercise class!

Karim M.
Valencia California

You can listen to Karim’s case study from the 28 Day Goal Challenge here...

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“You Delivered Way More Than I Expected...
The Value For The Cost Is Incredible”

Dellana“I really liked the idea [of the 28 day goal challenge] in that you were actually going to be giving me steps to follow. The other part that I really liked was that there was going to be a Mastermind group.

You gave us all the possible information that we needed... I’m obviously impressed.

Your generosity with the information really sold me on the integrity of this program and of you.

I would completely recommend the 28 Day Goal Challenge, and you can work on any goal, which I thought was beautiful...

The value for the cost is incredible. I’ve had coaching before and I know what it cost me, and it wasn’t cheap, and I did not get as much out of it as I have with this.”

Dellana, Artist

You can listen to Dellana’s case study from the 28 Day Goal Challenge here...

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“I Not Only Restarted My Daily Fitness
Routine, But I Went Back Into Running
Which Was My Ultimate Goal... I Would
Absolutely Recommend It To Anyone”

“My main target was to re-focus... because of a few bad hits I had from life, I was losing interest and motivation in “doing things.” As a warm up goal, I decided to focus on restarting exercising.

Before this challenge, I was unable to find the motivation... and the most frustrating thing was that even remembering how well I was feeling when I was much more active years ago was not enough to get me started again.

The two key things I learned during this challenge are 1) the added motivation that comes from sharing your goals and thoughts with similar minded people and 2) learn that every day is a new day, and that just because you have been ineffective until yesterday doesn’t mean you can’t change from today.

As a result of going through the 28 day goal challenge, I not only restarted with my daily fitness routine, but I went back into running which was my ultimate goal.

After more than one month, I now have a fully established 3-days-week routine, and I am feeling exceptionally better than before, both because of the exercise itself, and because of that wonderful feeling of “I reached and exceeded the goal I set for myself, despite all.”

The program was much more grounded, with good concepts, well explained in the right amount of time.

I would absolutely recommend it to anyone, and it’s absolutely a great value for the money.”

Andrea Coda, Executive
Acqui Terme, Italy

   As you can see, many people have benefited from the 28 Day Goal Challenge program and I’m confident you can benefit too, just remember that ultimately you are responsible for your own results.

   And if you don’t have a clear, actionable goal yet, don’t worry because you’ll get full access to my Goal Setting Strategy Session where I walk you through a simple process I use with all my clients to help them figure out their most important goals.

   If you are ready to create clear, compelling goals and discover how to actually get them done, click here to get started.

Here’s How The
Program Works...

   OK, at this point you’re probably wondering if this program can really work for YOUR goal... and the answer is YES!

   The reason I’m so confident is that while every goal is unique and very personal, the process of setting and achieving goals is a repeatable process.

   The 28-day challenge program works so well because it integrates this repeatable goal achievement process into a 4-week framework with clear, simple, practical, easy to follow steps.

   Each week you’ll get a few video lessons teaching you what you REALLY need to know to take action on your goal. We keep the lessons simple, practical and to the point so that you can get through them in less than 11 minutes per day.

   Plus you’ll also get a weekly checklist showing you exactly what you need to do broken down into simple, easy, practical steps.

   Here’s what you’ll get each week...

Week 1 - Action Planning, Creating Habits & Getting Started

  • 4 things you MUST do before you start any goal that -- when used together -- build up a powerful “burning desire” that practically forces you to take action on your goal
  • An in-depth 9-step planning session where we take your top goals and develop clear, concise action plans for them (You’ll grind it down into specific, practical steps so you know exactly what you need to do next)
  • How to apply the “mastermind principle” with the 28-day challenge community forum to significantly increase the chances that you’ll accomplish your goal (For some people, this part alone could be worth the entire price of the program)
  • “The Art and Science of Habit Creation” - You’ll discover the psychological secrets of habit creation that took me years to discover. In fact, I consider this one of the most important elements of goal achievement (Creating new habits can be very hard, but it doesn’t have to be once you know these strategies)
  • A powerful guided visualization audio to align your conscious and subconscious mind so it can “magnetically attract” the ideas, resources and support you need instead of sabotaging your efforts (This is critically important but most goal setting programs completely ignore it)

Week 2 - Get Motivated & Inspired

   In Week 1, you usually feel naturally excited and motivated, but Week 2 is where most people often experience a letdown. That’s why Week 2 is all about motivation, inspiration and confidence. Here’s some of what you’ll learn...

  • 5 deceptively simple psychological tactics you can use to instantly motivate yourself to take action whenever you need to... even if you don’t feel like it (Hint: this secret formula to human motivation is one of the most valuable sessions in the program)
  • A simple 2-minute daily practice that intensifies your desire AND belief in your goal... and makes it much more likely that you’ll achieve it
  • 3 psychological tactics that naturally create a more optimistic attitude and develop “positive expectancy” (This makes a BIG difference in your performance and results, especially at this stage)
  • 9 proven psychological techniques to infuse yourself with more confidence and belief
  • A simple guided visualization exercise that naturally shifts your self-image in support of your goal (Don’t let the simplicity of this technique fool you... it’s extremely powerful)

Week 3 - Learn, Persist And Adapt (Make Course Corrections)

  • “The Breakfast of Champions” - What is is, how to get it and why it’s critical to achieving your goals (Hint: It has nothing to do with food)
  • A simple daily practice that helps you stay on track and quickly bounce back from setbacks and obstacles that get in your way
  • 4 critical mistakes that people make after even minor failures or setbacks that virtually guarantees that they’ll give up and abandon their goals (I’ll show you exactly how to avoid them and what you NEED to do instead)
  • 3 fascinating psychological strategies that highly-resilient people use to bounce back from failures, setbacks and obstacles and get back on track quickly and easily
  • A short, practical exercise to help you become much more resilient... and persist through ANY setbacks or obstacles you encounter in a flexible way

Week 4 - Get It Done & Figure Out What’s Next

  • 5 deceptively simple psychological tactics that make achieving your most important goals almost inevitable (This is one of the secrets that top achievers swear by to help them get things done)
  • The “90/60/30” strategic planning framework and how to use it to adjust your aim going forward and figure out what comes next for you
  • Why it’s important to celebrate your accomplishments (even seemingly small ones) and why doing this the wrong way can actually backfire on you (I’ll show you the RIGHT way to do it)
  • 4 key principles that you need to follow when you want to take your goals to a completely new level (Using these principles can help you create a “quantum leap” in your performance and achievements)

   Plus, you’ll also get...

  • Simple forms and templates to fill out that take all the guesswork out of the process
  • The “virtual mastermind” community forum that provides extra social pressure, group accountability, support and encouragement (You’re going to love this)
  • Regular emails that give you direction, accountability and support to help you stay on track
  • Practical examples along the way that you can use as models or templates for your own goals and plans
  • A virtual “knowledge vault” where Rodger and I answer your most common questions and provide specific guidance based on YOUR goals, plans and feedback
  • Guided visualization audios to help align your conscious and subconscious mind toward your goal
  • And much, much more...


“This 28 Day Goal Challenge
Program Was Absolutely Worth It!”

“The 28 day challenge fell into my lap at a particularly ripe moment.

I was struggling (yet again) to get my taxes prepared on time – but was mostly in stall mode because my business finances were not in order... when along came the 28 day challenge – and I knew in a heartbeat this was something I needed to explore.

Probably the single-biggest takeaway for me from the challenge that keeps ringing through my head every day now is the concept of “showing up for myself”.

Now, whenever I have the thought that  “it’s late at night and I’m too tired to keep going” or “I’ve worked really hard today and deserve some time off”, I get this little voice in my head that reminds me that it’s up to ME to show up.  And after that little pep talk with myself I can usually find another burst of stamina to keep going to get “just one more thing” accomplished.

Interestingly, this “showing up for myself” has translated far beyond being related to my “official” goal.

I have been really surprised and pleased (can we say “astonished”?!?) that I have suddenly found myself pushing forward in several other completely unrelated areas – making inroads into projects that have lain idle and been in need of attention for a very long time.

This was a totally unexpected result of this 28 days – but one with which I am truly pleased!

Overall, I would say this 28 Day Goal Challenge program was ABSOLUTELY worth it!

I have paid considerably more for classes/goal-setting seminars that didn’t include even half the information this program contained.

In fact, one day midway through this process I was so excited about what I was learning daily that I literally leapt out of my chair and shouted right out loud (in the privacy of my own quiet home, that is) that I wished ALL my friends and business associates were doing this, too!

Thank YOU for designing this awesome program
at an affordable price so “everyday” people can participate!”

Lynda G., Self-Employed
Whidbey Island, WA


   Even if you’ve already gone through other goal setting courses or training programs in the past, you’re going to be BLOWN AWAY by this program, because I’m going to show you completely new ways to relate to your goals.

   And this is especially true if you’re NOT actively working on your goals right now or applying what you learned before... Trust me on this!

“I Enjoyed It And It Is One Of
The Best Things I Have Done”

“Thank you for the 28 day challenge. I enjoyed it and it is one the best things I have done.  Even my husband would stop and listen when I was playing the audios.

I also love Rodger's site and have been receiving his newsletters for a few years now. Thanks again.  I learnt a couple of things about myself regarding procrastination too.

I wish you all the best”

Kaye M.

“I Would Definitely Recommend It”

“When I first learned about the challenge, I wanted to be able to sleep an average of 6 to 8 hours over a month.

I had developed some bad habits, like having too much noise, not giving me enough time to wind down at night, and not switching off my PC early enough, and stress impacting my sleep routine.

This 28 day challenge helped me break down my goal into doable steps, log and review my progress, and make improvements to my routines.

As a result, I established a pre-sleep routine which ensured a better nights sleep, leading to feeling less stress and a more relaxed state.

I would  definitely recommend it to others and it’s great value for money.”

Audrey T, Marketer
Vic, Australia


5 Powerful Guided Visualization Audios That Align Both Your
Conscious And Subconscious Mind
To Fully Support Your Goal
($39 Value)

   As part of the 28 Day Goal Challenge, I’ll show you how to work with BOTH your CONSCIOUS and SUBCONSCIOUS mind together so they are aligned and fully supporting of your goal.

   We do this with a series of guided visualization audios that literally reprogram and realign your inner subconscious mind with the intentions of your logical, conscious mind.

   Just listen to what Dellana had to say about these guided visualizations:

“You Have Created The Best Guided
Visualizations I Have Ever Used!”

“I have listened to numerous guided visualizations in my life. I have never found one that I was completely comfortable with or couldn’t do better myself.

Rob & Rodger – you have created the best guided visualizations I have ever used!

Many, many thanks!!!”


Listen to Dellana rave about the visualization audios...

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Bonus # 2
10 Mindsets Of  Natural
Goal Achievers Videos
($39 Value)

   As an extra bonus, I’m going to include some bonus videos showing you simple but very powerful mindset shifts that can make ALL the difference between achieving your goals and struggling with disappointment and frustration.

   These mindsets are the secret that makes goal setting work... and virtually all high-achievers embody them whether they realize it or not.

   Just one of these mindset shifts could be the KEY that helps you break through and changes everything for you.

   Here is just some of what you’ll learn...

  • “The Goal Paradox” - Why thinking about your goals regularly can sometimes block your progress and make it more difficult to achieve them (And the counterintuitive thing you need to do to prevent this from happening)
  • The “mental trap” that many goal setters fall into (often without realizing it) that almost forces you to give up on your dreams at the first sign of trouble (I’ll show you exactly what you need to do to avoid it)
  • You know that terrible feeling you sometimes get in your stomach when you face a major obstacle, failure or setback? Here’s a simple mindset shift you can use in those situations to INSTANTLY eliminate this feeling and charge yourself with extra confidence and motivation to move past it...

   Here’s what a customer had to say about these mindsets...

“Provided Many Light-Bulb Moments...
You Painted All The Right Pictures To
Help Me Connect The Dots.”

“You put goal setting into the bigger realm, how one’s attitude and beliefs can affect how goal-setting can work. That was extra-ordinary.

It may be completely obvious to some but that clarity eluded me. It’s not that I haven’t been able to set goals for myself in the past and achieve them, but understanding “why” they worked, and being able to apply those same principles to the many challenges I am facing right now to get where I want to be, was the key.

I think that in many ways it is your way of communicating these principles that also speaks to me in a way that is clearer - providing many “light-bulb” moments. I am a visual learner, and you painted all the right pictures to help me connect the dots.

Thanks so much.”



Let’s Wrap This Up

   Let me ask you this. What would it be worth to you to actually accomplish your goals? To finally lose those 15 pounds you’ve been trying to get rid off, or to pay off your credit card debt, or to fit into those “skinny jeans” again, or to organize your home so you can feel good about inviting your friends over?

   How much would that be worth to you? Two hundred dollars? Five hundred? More?

   And what if you actually had a SYSTEM that let’s you do it again and again... for ALL your important goals? How much would that be worth?

   Remember that you’re getting the SAME coaching process I use with my private one-on-one clients who pay me $600 to $1200 for ONE MONTH of coaching.

   But you won’t have to pay anywhere near that much. In fact, you won’t have to pay $200 or even $100.

   Your total investment to participate in the 28-Day Challenge is only $97!

My 90-Day
100% Money Back Guarantee

   The 28-day challenge is covered by my 100% “No Questions & No Hassles” Money Back Guarantee. Here’s how it works...

   Register for the program today and go through the entire 28-day challenge process: view all the videos, listen to the audios, do all the exercises, participate in the forums, and work on your goal for the next month...

   If you get to the end of the program and you aren’t satisfied with the 28-day challenge, or you are not completely satisfied for any other reason, all you have to do is email me and ask for a refund. It’s that simple...

   In fact, I’m going to give you a FULL THREE MONTHS to decide if the challenge was worth your while.

   You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Here’s What You’re Going To Get

 Yes, Rob! I’m ready to register for the 28 Day Goal Challenge!

For my low investment of $97, I’ll receive:

  • Practical video lessons teaching me the key principles, techniques and strategies I need to accomplish my most important goals

  • Downloadable audios (MP3s) for all the videos so I can listen to them offline or on my iPod

  • PDFs for any slides used in the videos

  • 4 weekly checklists showing me exactly what I need to do each week broken down into simple, practical, easy to follow steps (one at the start of each week)

  • 5 BONUS guided visualization audios (MP3s) to align BOTH my conscious and subconscious mind toward achieving my goals ($39 value)

  • Lots of practical examples and templates to help me get started

  • Six full weeks of access to the “Virtual Mastermind” community forum and member area

  • Easy forms to fill out taking out all the guesswork

  • Regular emails to keep me on track

  • BONUS videos: The mindsets of natural goal achievers
    ($39 value)

Everything Included For Only $97!

What To Do Next...

   To register for the 28-day goal challenge, just click on the Add To Cart button below and fill in your order information. You’ll then get an email with instructions on how to access the member site.

Click Here To Add To Cart

100% Money Back Guarantee
Pay With Credit Card or PayPal


   As I mentioned before, the challenge lasts for 28 days for a very good reason, but I understand that unexpected things come up and sometimes you fall a little bit behind.

   But don’t worry because you’ll get an extra 2 weeks at the end of the challenge to download all the materials, catch up and work around anything else that comes up.

   So you get 6 full weeks of access to the challenge member area. Plus you get to keep all the audio (MP3) and PDF files so you can continue working with them on your own after the challenge is over.

   You can begin the challenge as soon as you sign up. You’ll start with some “Getting Ready For The Challenge” content and then get access to the rest of the challenge content over the next 30 days.

“Your 28 Day Challenge Has Surpassed
My Expectations... Your Course Is One
Of The Finest I Have Come Across”

“During the last six years, I have taken audio mentoring goal setting courses by Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar & Earl Nightingale, so I was quite familiar with the principles.

When this opportunity came along , I was skeptical to say the least. But your 28 day challenge has surpassed my expectations. For each of the 28 days, you "held" our hand & guided us step-by-step, instructing us, what to do, how to do it & when to do it.

For anyone interested in serious goal setting & achievement, your course is one . Anyone given the opportunity, should leap at the chance to participate.”

Jatinder Kumar
Wolverhampton, United Kingdom


Get Ready To Have
Your Best Month YET!

   Listen, a month from now you’ll either be in pretty much the same position you are in now... having made little or no progress toward your MOST important goals (or even taken a few steps BACKWARD)

   Or, you’ll have used this challenge to bring out your best, make massive progress, and really accomplish what you are capable of.

   But the best part is that this next month could only be... the beginning.

   During this 28-day challenge, you’re going to learn a step-by-step SYSTEM that you can use again and again... month after month.

   And if you keep using it, you’ll start having one great month after another.

   And your great months will gradually add up to a great year... and your great years will gradually add up to a great life.

   And it all starts right now... with this month...

   Take advantage of this opportunity and make the most of it. Don’t let any of your old excuses stop you.

   Only YOU can take the first step... Click on the Add to Cart button below... Let’s do this!

Your Investment Is Only $97

Click Here To Add To Cart

100% Money Back Guarantee
Pay With Credit Card or PayPal


Your friend,
Rob Scott

P.S. Try out the challenge and if you don’t make more progress toward your goals than you have in a long time, I’ll refund your entire order no questions asked. This could be EXACTLY what you need to stop messing around and actually accomplish YOUR goals.


Listen To More Comments From
Actual Challenge Participants...


Case Study Audio: Connie Manning

You can listen to Connie’s case study here...

You need Flash and Javascript to listen to the case study audio

Case Study Audio: Debbie B.

You can listen to Debbie’s case study here...

You need Flash and Javascript to listen to the case study audio

Case Study Audio: Elizabeth Barker

Elizabeth Barker

You can listen to Elizabeth’s case study here...

You need Flash and Javascript to listen to the case study audio

“I Not Only Enjoyed It... But Also Achieved RESULTS From It. Yes, I Have Passed
The Group-E Exam For My MBA!”

“Dear Rob and Rodger,

I thank you by heart for this amazing result-oriented and concise though interesting program.

I not only enjoyed it but also achieved RESULTS from it. Yes, I have passed the Group-E exam for my MBA.

Your step-by-step instructions, perfect sequences of training sessions and Virtual Master Mind support has made this a game when I was struggling very hard before.

The lessons and strategies shared were very simple yet profound and very very useful in achieving any goals.    Though all materials has their invaluable contribution achieving success, what I most like are Meditations, Tracking sheets and graphs, and key slides in each lessons/post.

I am a 21 years experienced Plant Design and Piping Engineering professional working in Multinational company in India having service sector spread across the Globe.   Before joining the session I have completed First stage of my MBA but somehow I was unable to continue at the same pace and upgrade my education towards MBA. It was very frustrating. After I read your articles I learn that the main reason for this frustration is nothing but my own habit of Procrastination (and I understand that I am not alone to face this).

You know I have mailed you two three times saying this.   Then I studied your habit cure. What impressed me is your explanation of  habit curve (For most of  the people and for achievers).

Then I registered for the 28 Days challenge and I feel it was a very rewarding investment I have done. Your program has delivered life-time value which I can use for all my goals in future.

Main essence of all your lessons are they strike exactly on the target reason, weather it is of Procrastination, Habit cure, Organization, Planning deficiency etc. without wondaring around and cutting the corners.

Through this program you have delivered the Best quality knowledge to easily achieve any success. I have achieved remarkable success easily for which I was struggling very hard.

As you promised You have changed me. I really feel NEW I after completing the challenge.   I would like to participate again and again in this type of program to upgrade myself.

Your system of MP3 and PDF downloadable was really excellent, which help me to study again and again even while offline.

Your presentations for Mindsets are amazing. The knowledge shared is worth hundreds of books!

Thank you once again.

Warm Regards,”

Sandip Joshi,


“Rob helped me not give up on myself. With his program I found a method to get my life moving more productively and smoothly. Thanks so much!”

-Kelly Baker Glens Falls, NY

“Rob has a true desire to help other people. His insight is as cutting as a laser, he then gives me very practical tangible advice to help me move towards my goal. If you want quick results Rob will help you!”

-Sandy Williams, Edinburgh, Scotland

“Rob's personal attention and his exceptional style of coaching have radically transformed my way of life and outlook for the best. His approach of breaking down the challenges, instilling new habits and rituals to make a lasting change is second to none. Working with Rob is one of the best decisions I have ever taken.”

-Sasi Madduri, Software Developer, Dallas, TX

“My experience working with Rob Scott has been transformative. It's been a life adventure in becoming a better business owner, employer and even a better husband!”

-Zachary Weiser, D.C., Co-Founder of The Washington Square Chiropractic Centers. Philadelphia, PA

“I can personally attest that you will walk away with at least one "golden nugget" of hope and wisdom that WILL make a difference for you. I certainly have! Even in the first 15 minutes in listening to Rob, his sincerity, knowledge, and ability to offer true meaningful advice become absolutely evident. I marvel at how far reaching his philosophies are and yet broken down into small digestible pieces that feed the mind and the soul. Thank you so much Rob for your time, your sincerity, your caring and true desire to help people such as me dig out of a seemingly hopeless situation, one shovel at a time (and be ok with it!) You truly are a godsend!”

-TJ Tomlinson, Customer Support, Lawrenceville, GA

“I have to say that when I first heard of Rob I had absolutely no direction. I was overwhelmed and spreading myself too thin with so many focuses. Rob's information got me in touch with what was really important to me. At that point I was able to devote my time and energy into the direction I wanted to go in.”

-Antonio S. Thomas, Singer/Dancer/Business Owner, Philadelphia, PA